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Assets, Procurement and Projects

Mission Statement

The Butler County Central Purchasing Department is committed to serving the citizens of Butler County through effective negotiations, detailed contract monitoring and efficient collaborations with other cooperatives and area governmental entities.  Central Purchasing utilizes the expertise of various County offices, including the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office, to diligently seek out companies to deliver a high level of service and performance at the most cost effective terms. 

State Contracts

Central Purchasing is a member of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services County Purchasing Association.  This Association is the central point of contact for all 88 Ohio Counties.  As a member of the ODAS County Purchasing Association, Butler County  can benefit from the combined efforts and purchasing power of the entire State of Ohio.   The ODAS County Purchasing Associations sends e mail updates on all new contracts and published bids activity to all members.  This provides Butler County Central Purchasing the information on all State Contracts as they are formally executed.

Cooperative Purchasing Program

Butler County Central Purchasing is an ongoing member of the Hamilton County Purchasing Cooperative.  By partnering with Hamilton County, Butler County can review all Hamilton County contracts through the Master Bid Service.  Butler County can then “piggy back” on the negotiated pricing by this multi-member cooperative.

Surplus Inventory

Butler County Central Purchasing serves the County in the role of asset management.  When an Office, Department or Agency determines there is inventory that is no longer needed in their services or operation, they contact Central Purchasing.  Central Purchasing will then contact various departments to see if there is the potential to re-purpose or re-assign the inventory.  If there is no interested parties in the surplus inventory, Butler County follows Ohio Revised Code regulations as to the proper process for liquidation.

Requesting Quotes, Bids and Proposals

Butler County follows Ohio Revised Code with respect to publishing Requests for Proposals (RFP), Invitations to Bid (ITB) and Requests for Quotes.  Many of these State Requirements can be found in Sections 307.86 and 307.87 of the Ohio Revised Code.  All ITB’s are processed through the Butler County Commissioner’s Office, located at 315 High St. 6th floor, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.


Central Purchasing serves as the liaison between various Offices, Departments and Agencies and the Butler County Prosecutor’s Office.  The Butler County Prosecutor’s Office supports all other county offices through detailed review of all contract language prior to the contract going before the Board of Commissioners.