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License Suspension

What is the license suspension program?
Ohio law provides child support agencies with the ability to suspend the drivers’ licenses of parents who are behind on their child support payments. If a parent is in default or has failed to comply with a warrant or subpoena, the CSEA may send a notice to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to suspend their license. Before the CSEA can send notice to the BMV to suspend a license, the parent must have failed to pay at least 50 percent of their total monthly support obligation for a period of 90 days. Tax intercept payments do not count toward the 50 percent requirement.

The BMV will not renew or issue any driver’s license to the delinquent parent, suspend any license currently held by the delinquent parent and not reinstate any license until notified by the CSEA. 

How do I get my driver’s license reinstated?

If you are no longer in default, you qualify for a reinstatement. If you are still in default, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Pay the arrears balance in full; if A is not possible then,
  2. Present evidence of employment or an account at a financial institution. The CSEA must be able to confirm said employment or that the account is valid and issue an appropriate deduction order; if A or B are not possible then,
  3. Present evidence that you are unable to work due to circumstances beyond your control and it is accepted as such by the CSEA; if AB or C are not possible then,
  4. Comply with a seek work program as established by a court; if ABC or D are not possible then,
  5. Pay the balance of the total monthly obligation due for the 90-day period proceeding the date the agency sent the pre-suspension notice.

If I meet at least one of the above criteria, what is my next step?

If you meet one of the above criteria for reinstatement, you can fill out a request for reinstatement form. You will then need to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and pay a $25 reinstatement fee.

The BMV will now accept reinstatement fee payments at 179 deputy registrar locations. Previously, payments were only accepted in-person at the seven regional service centers statewide. However, the BMV charges a $10 service fee for the collection of reinstatement fees at the deputy registrar locations.