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Education & Outreach

Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste District recommends the following resources for environmental education programs and information.

Butler Soil & Water Conservation District 

Butler Soil & Water offers several conservation educational resources such as presentations, scholarships, educator workshops and a resource library. To learn more about their programs, contact Education Specialist Lynn White at 513-785-6666.

Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

The Civic Garden Center, Ohio’s second oldest non-profit garden center, offers tours of their Green Learning Station which provides information on how to grow foods in urban or suburban environments and how we can all improve the quality of the Ohio River from our own backyards. They also offer field trips for middle and high school science teachers interested in engaging their students in project-based learning, classroom grants and they regularly host community events.


Rumpke offers free tours of their landfill and recycling facilities, educational materials and videos you can download, and regularly holds events. If you are interested in touring their facilities, please contact Anne Gray at 513-242-4401, ext. 7164.