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Recycling & Solid Waste

About the Recycling & Solid Waste District

The Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste District serves the entire county by promoting recycling, waste reduction and responsible disposal of all waste from households, businesses and industry. One of 52 solid waste districts in Ohio, the Butler County District is responsible for implementing a solid waste management plan. 

A $1.00 per ton solid waste generation fee funds the District. The fee is collected whenever waste originating from Butler County is deposited in Ohio landfills.

The Board of Commissioners appoint the Butler County Solid Waste District Policy Committee, which consists of designees from the county commission, townships, general interest representative, largest municipality, local health district, public sector and a industrial generator representative.

The Policy Committee meets throughout the year.  The general public is invited to attend. Contact the District at (513) 887-3653 for more information.

Butler County Solid Waste Management Plan Update – Preview Solid Waste Plan

Butler County has updated its solid waste management plan. 

The Plan Update is a 15-year comprehensive planning tool that serves as a guide for local waste reduction programs, initiatives, and activities which reduce reliance on landfills, improve waste diversion and provide residents with access to recycling.

The Solid Waste Plan Update has been issued to officials in Butler County’s municipalities, townships and villages for their review and approval prior to delivering the Plan to the director of Ohio EPA.  Contact Anne Fiehrer Flaig at (513) 887-3963 for more information.

Butler County Solid Waste Plan Summary
Butler County Solid Waste Plan Update

Mission Statement
Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste District promotes managing waste as a resource by providing recycling information, services and solutions to residents, businesses, industry and schools.