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Subdivision Regulations

The "Butler County Subdivision Regulations" for the control of plats and subdivisions are adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and the County Planning Commission of Butler County, Ohio, under authority granted by Chapter 711 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Application for Subdivision Plot Review

Butler County Subdivision Regulations (revised March 12, 2018)(PDF)

A - Lot & Plat Drawings
B - Sample Documents
C - County Engineer's Specifications
D - County Engineer's Tables

These regulations are adopted to secure and provide for:


The proper arrangement of streets or highways in relation to existing or planned streets or highways, or to the Official Land Use Plan and Butler County Thoroughfare Plan.


The orderly and efficient layout and the appropriate use of the land.


A common ground of understanding and a sound working relationship between the county and the developer and to safeguard the interests of the homeowner, the subdivider and the county and its citizens.


The accurate surveying of land, preparing and recording of plats and the equitable handling of all subdivision plats by approving authority and subdividers.


Technically feasible and economically reasonable standards to achieve a level of subdivision design & construction to minimize damage to property, degradation of natural resources, and to promote and maintain the health, safety and general well-being of all life and inhabitants of Butler County.


The preparation of subdivision plans and to inform interested persons of the procedures and standards for design and construction of subdivision improvements in the unincorporated areas of Butler County