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Butler County's official birth records begin in 1867 and end in December of 1908, when the health departments took over the recording of all births in the State of Ohio. Please keep in mind that many of the early births were never reported and are not on record.

Three sets of records exist:

  • The original hand written official records
  • A printed abstract of these same records, published by the Southwest Butler County Genealogical Society
  • A number of volumes of the Probate Court records containing delayed and amended birth records. Researchers must know the year in which the report was made in order to locate these records, there is no index.

In addition to these records, the Archives has a list of births for the period of 1856 through 1857 which was compiled by the Butler County tax assessors.

If an individual was born on or after December 20, 1908, birth records are issued statewide, regardless of the specific location within the state. If your birth took place in Ohio, you can obtain an official copy of your birth certificate by visiting the Ohio health department closest to your current residence.