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Butler County's official death records cover the period from 1867 to December 1908. After this date, the responsibility for recording deaths was transferred to the health departments statewide in Ohio. It's important to note that, similar to births, a significant number of early deaths may not have been reported and therefore might not be documented in the records.

In addition to these official death records, the Archives also maintains a list of deaths for the years 1856 through 1857.  These particular records were compiled by the Butler County tax assessors.  Furthermore, if there is an estate record available, it often contains either the exact date of death or a very close approximation, providing valuable additional information for researchers.

In addition to the official death records listed above, the Archives has the following reports of death, which were compiled by census takers:

June 1, 1849 through May 31, 1850

June 1, 1859 through May 31, 1860

Ohio death records for the period of December 20, 1908 to December 31, 1970 are available at the Ohio History Connection.

Death records from 1970 to the present are maintained at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Department of Health. Individuals seeking access to death records from this period can typically obtain them directly from the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Additionally, these records are usually accessible through the health department of the specific jurisdiction where the death was reported.