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Humane Society

These special collections are digital reproductions of the original documents. These documents are provided to you as time has preserved them for us. 

The records of the Hamilton-Butler County Humane Society date from July of 1916 through April of 1918. This Society, according to the its Constitution, was created " provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to children and to animals in Butler County, Ohio, to enforce all laws of the State which are now, or may here after be enacted, for the prevention of cruelty to children and to animals, and to secure by lawful means the arrest, conviction and punishment of any person or persons violating such laws and to co-operate with other similar in carrying out there work..." [directly copied from original] The County Archives is providing a draft of the Society's Constitution, the resolution appointing an agent for the Society, the 1917 semi-annual report, the 1917 Annual Report and various Agent's reports for the years 1916-18. A brief collection of misc./undated documents is also available for review. To discover more about this Society, the Center's staff recommends checking with either the Butler County Historical Society or the Lane Public Library.