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The Records Center has access to all Butler County Marriage Records from 1803 to present.

Marriage licenses were promptly documented by counties upon their establishment. This measure was implemented by the government to guarantee the legitimacy of children inheriting parental property, prevent marriages among close relatives, ensure monogamy, and verify that both parties involved were of legal age or had the necessary consent from their parents or legal guardian.

Marriage records contain significant genealogical data about ancestors and present opportunities for further research. The Archives has preserved marriage records from 1803 onwards, granting researchers access to a wealth of information.

Prior to 1894, marriage records did not include the names of the parents. However, if one of the individuals getting married was a minor, it is possible for the staff to find the corresponding application, which typically contains the name of one parent. The earliest available applications date back to 1847.

For information on obtaining a marriage record from 1803 to present, please complete the information on our Contact Page.