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Wills & Estates

Wills serve as legal documents that outline the individuals to whom the testator intends to leave their property upon their death. After the testator passes away, the will undergoes a process known as probate, where its authenticity is confirmed. During probate, an executor is appointed to administer the estate according to the instructions in the will. The filing for admission to probate, along with the appointment of the executor, is recorded in the Testamentary records.

At the Archives, there is a collection of wills that spans from 1803 to 1999. Each book in the collection includes an index for easy reference, and there are also compiled indexes available for further convenience. These records provide valuable insights into the distribution of property and the intentions of individuals throughout the specified time period.

Estate Packets contain the records pertaining to the disposition of the decedent's property. The packets may or may not list heirs, inventory of property, bills of sale and final accounting. Both the original indexes of the packets and a compiled index for the years 1803 through 1900 are available.