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Backflow Program

BCWS works hard to ensure that the drinking water delivered to your home or business is safe at all times. One way we do this is by regulating backflow, or potential cross connections between drinking water pipes and sources of contamination throughout commercial and industrial customers within the service area.

Backflow occurs when water pressure drops and water is pulled into your plumbing from an unprotected cross connection in your home or business. Common examples of cross connections include lawn irrigation, fire sprinkler systems, and garden hoses submerged in water.

To prevent backflow and possible contamination, BCWS requires a reduced pressure backflow prevention assembly on each water line entering a non-residential, commercial, or industrial facility. Double-check backflow prevention assemblies are required on fire lines.

BCWS and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency require testing of backflow prevention devices when they are installed and every 12 months thereafter. The water customer is responsible for having these devices installed, tested and repaired by a plumber with backflow certification.  There is a $25.00 administrative fee for each device tested prior to or on the due date. The fee for a late test is $60.00.  ALL FEES ARE APPLIED TO THE CUSTOMER'S UTILITY BILL.  PLUMBERS WILL NOT NEED TO SUBMIT PAYMENT.

Plumbers are required to submit the results of these tests to BCWS through Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI).   BCWS contracts with Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI) to track all of the backflow testing data from our customers to ensure that owners have a working backflow device on their property.

Customers can find information regarding their device through the Customer Portal.

Plumbers must submit their test results through BSI Online.

Questions regarding the new BSI Online system contact 800-414-4990 /

To report a suspected Cross-connection please call 513-887-3686.

For updated BCWS Backflow Rules and Regulations - Backflow Regulation.