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Drinking Water

BCWS operates the county-owned system that distributes drinking water to our customers. Pump stations and water storage tanks make sure our system has adequate pressure and supply to meet our customers’ needs, even during periods of peak usage. Ohio EPA certified water operators and chemists monitor the water system. They perform numerous tests each month to continuously ensure safe drinking water and adequate fire protection.

BCWS purchases water from two suppliers:

  • City of Hamilton - Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer (ground water)
  • Greater Cincinnati Water Works - Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer (ground water) and the Ohio River (surface water)

BCWS’s suppliers pump untreated water from the wells in the aquifer or from the river and carefully treat it through a sophisticated water treatment system that removes impurities and produces fresh, safe drinking water. Our suppliers ensure the quality of our drinking water through strictly monitored treatment processes, including plant and laboratory testing for over 150 contaminants. Transmission mains transport the finished water from our suppliers to the BCWS’s system.

To ensure a safe and reliable supply of water, we rely on our neighbors and community to help us keep a close watch on infrastructure security. If you see anything suspicious around or near a water tank or water tower, please contact us at (513) 887-3066 or report it to local law enforcement.