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Rental Property

Ohio law establishes that the property owner is responsible for water and sewer bills.

BCWS will send bills directly to tenants once the Moving In/Out form is completed by both the tenant and the property owner.   BCWS does not collect a deposit. 

Submission of the form acknowledges the property owner/landlord understands and agrees to be financially responsible for unpaid charges. If we do not receive the form with appropriate signatures authorizing direct tenant billing we will send water and sewer bills to the property owner.  Copies of tenant bills and delinquent notices are mailed to the property owner each month unless the owner requests not to receive copies.   

Property Owner and Tenant Account Numbers
The property owner and tenant will each be assigned a unique customer number (the 1st set of 7 numbers are the unique customer ID and the 2nd set of 7 numbers are the location ID, 3NNNNNN-2NNNNNN) for the property. 

Easily Manage Multiple Accounts
Property owners with rental property may now easily manage multiple account numbers and keep up-to-date on the status of tenant accounts using our online payment portal. 

Check for payments, view invoices, or pay multiple account invoices in one transaction using one username and password.

If you created a new username and password after the payment portal update March 1, 2018, click Sign In or create a new account by Registering Now. 

What happens when a tenant account is past due?
We follow normal collections procedures.

  • The invoice will have a past due message and a disconnect date on any past due account.
  • Charges 25 days past due trigger a Disconnect Notice insert with the next invoice.
  • A few days later a phone call is initiated to accounts with correct phone numbers.
  • If payment has not been received by the next read date the service is disconnected.

The full past due amount is required for water service to be restored.

Technicians must have access to the meter. 

Please keep meter pits and curb-stops cleaned out and accessible.

Unpaid balances 60 or more days past will be certified to property taxes for the service location.

The owner or landlord does not have the right to call for termination of service on any property that is occupied by a tenant. The owner or landlord may be required to provide a signed statement that the property is not occupied in order to have service disconnected.

Information regarding landlord and tenant rights,