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Water Quality

Water Quality at a Glance

Parameter District 2 Regulatory Limit
Total Chlorine 0.82 mg/l 4.0 mg/l
pH 9.0 S.U. 7.0 - 10.5 S.U.
Fluoride 0.95 mg/l 4 mg/l
Total Alkalinity 70 mg/l not established
Total Hardness 131 mg/l not established
Sodium 27 mg/l not established
mg/l (milligrams per liter) - This is equivalent to parts per million
S.U (Standard Unit) - This is the unit for measuring pH results
gpg (grains per gallon) - This is an alternative measure of hardness commonly used to set water softeners

for more detailed information about your water quality, please review our list of parameters tested by BCWS or our suppliers Quarterly Water Quality Report. Also, view our Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) below for a summary of the last 3 years of data, or contact BCWS Customer Care at (513) 887-3066.

2020 CCR
2021 CCR
2022 CCR