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Culture thrives in Butler County. The arts - music, sculpture and the theater - enrich our lives and souls.

In Hamilton you may do a double-take as the person sitting on a park bench or the child riding a bike may not be what they seem. More than 40 realistic sculptures grace our county seat, formally recognized as the City of Sculpture in 2000. Every other January Hamilton hosts IceFest, where carvers turn massive blocks of ice into masterpieces. Pyramid Hill is home to 60 more amazing creations by artists from around the world. ArtSpace Lofts is haven for artists to reside and create in Hamilton.

You’ll find arts centers in Hamilton, Middletown and Fairfield. We have stained glass studio, too, and there are arts programs in our high schools.

Live music is part of our lives. The elegant, historic Sorg Opera House in Middletown continues to offer live performances including Big Bands and Jazz ensembles. The Butler Philharmonic holds live concerts at venues and amphitheaters throughout the county each season. In the spring and summer most communities hold live concerts in parks and on town squares.

So come, immerse yourself in our culture and paint your own future in Butler County. Your story starts here.

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