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(513) 887-3700 1802 Princeton Road, Suite 600, Hamilton, OH45011
The Butler County Board of Elections commits to promoting civic participation and a stronger democracy by ensuring every resident of Butler County, Ohio the right to vote in an election system that is free, fair, open and honest.

Embracing Federal and State Laws governing the administration of elections, the Butler County Board of Elections will:

  •     maintain an accurate list of citizens who are qualified to vote;
  •     encourage every eligible voter to participate effectively;
  •     use equipment that reliably clarifies and registers the voter’s choice;
  •     handle close elections in a transparent and fair way; and
  •     operate with equal effectiveness for every citizen of our community.

The Board of Elections will carry out this commitment and accomplish this mission through active and responsible leadership, efficient and effective service delivery, and professional, fiscally conservative, and resourceful management.